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About Us


Founded in 2007, Nuoue’s 13 years of sustained innovation is the secret to prolonged success in business. Every year, new developments push us in different directions, so it’s important to stay ahead of trends and foster cultures that are conducive to innovation in order to provide advance and comprehensive one-stop solutions and services. Our continuous improved service and capabilities have provided solutions to customers within different types of industries.

Our technological innovation and skill development have incrementally increased over the years, and we have put more effort into product and process innovation. With growing demand and business growth we have expanded our business units and factories around the Guangdong Province from 2 to 6 factories all equipped with molding, CNC product processing, injection molding, sheet metal stamping, surface mount technology and medical equipment and machinery, and with our headquarter located in Shenzhen Nanshan.

As an industry solution provider, our advanced production technology and equipment help deliver quality solutions to our customers through OEM and ODM services. Our team makes any OEM or ODM integration extremely versatile, and brings concepts and ideas into viable solutions.

Nuoue is registered to IATF16949, CE and ISO1348 for all activities related to design, manufacture, and distribution of flexible, automated cutting, stamping, CNC, injection solutions for various of industries. Especially the quality management system for the design and manufacturing of medical devices. Our clients and industry served include some of the world’s leading companies such as SIEMENS, PhD, Amphenol, Orange, Iegrand BROAN, Olympus Corp, Abbott, Lenovo, Midea, DJI, Mindray and many others where we deliver solutions of the highest quality all from home appliances, consumer electronic, smart home and transportation, cosmetics/medical devices to aerospace supplies.


Factory scene 1
Factory scene 2
Factory scene 3


The following are live pictures of the workshops of our departments.

CNC workshop
CNC workshop 1
CNC workshop 2
CNC Turning Workshop
CNC Turning workshop 1
CNC Turning workshop 2
CNC Turning workshop 3
CNC Turning workshop 4
Medical product manufacturing workshop
Medical product manufacturing workshop 1
Medical product manufacturing workshop 2
Medical product manufacturing workshop 3
Medical product manufacturing workshop 4
Metal Stamping workshop
Metal Stamping workshop 1
Metal Stamping workshop 2
Metal Stamping workshop 3
Metal Stamping workshop 4
Sheet metal workshop
Sheet metal workshop 1
Sheet metal workshop 2
Sheet metal workshop 3
Mold manufacturing workshop
Mold manufacturing workshop 1
Mold manufacturing workshop 2
Mold manufacturing workshop 3
Injection Molding workshop
Injection Molding workshop 1
Injection Molding workshop 2
Injection Molding workshop 3
Surface Finishing workshop
Surface Finishing workshop 1
Surface Finishing workshop 2


Our equipment list

Equipment Name Model Clamping Force Precision Quantity
CNC TaiwanRES-SEIKLR600(15000RPM) 600*400*400 0.002 20
CNC TaiwanRES-SEIKLR4530(15000RPM) 400*300*300 0.002 10
CNC lathes CK60 Xaxis(250mm) Zaxis(600/850/1350) 0.002 18
Turning and milling composite 3axis w-280(4000RPM) 350/600/700mm 0.002 6
CNC DMG-Mori Seiki NV5000(20000RPM) 730*510*510mm   2
CNC DMG-Mori Seiki NVX7000 HSC( 20000RPM) 1540*760*660mm   1
CNC Mikron HSM500(42000RPM) 500*450*350mm   1
CNC Mikron MILL S 800(42000RPM) 800*600*500mm   1
CNC FANUC a-D14MiA(24000RPM) Robodrill 500*400*330mm   2
CNC FANUC a-D21MiA(24000RPM) Robodrill 500*400*330mm   2
CNC CNC1050(15000RPM) 1000*600*500mm   3
CNC Yong Jin NCV56AM(12000RPM) 500*450*350mm   1
CNC SHANG SHANG JINGJI(26000RPM) 750*600*350mm   4
CNC Aikan 850(8000RPM) 800*500*500   1
Mirror EDM Agie Charmilles F0 350 SP 350*300mm(0.005mm  precision)   5
Mirror EDM Agie Charmilles Form20 400*400mm(0.005mm precision)   2
Mirror EDM HSPK 750*750mm; 650*650mm   4
EDM Wire Cut Agie Charmilles CUT20P 350*250*250mm   4
EDM Wire Cut Agie Charmilles CUT30P 600*400*350mm   3
EDM Wire Cut Agie Charmilles CUT200P 350*220*220mm   1
Fitting Machine ShunXing 1200KN 1400*1100mm   1
Grinding Machine Japanese Hyfair 0.001mm   3
Grinding Machine HF-618 450*150*300mm   6
Grinding Machine KGS306AH 650*600*300mm   1
Grinding Machine OKAMOTO Grind-X Acc350ll 0.002mm   4
Lathe CH6140A-1000 750*1000*1500mm   1
Milling Machine G0003 950*400*400mm   6
Projector SVM25011 300*100cm   1
Projector Seven Oceam Projector (SVM 403011) 400*300mm   1
CMM ZEISS 500*700*500mm   1
CMM HEXAGON-SEREIN-FUNCTLON1086 800*1000*600mm   1
CMM HEXGON-Global Classice SR05.07.05 500*700*500mm   1
Punch presses Japan AIDA60T(80-120SPM) 150MM GB/JIS1 level 16
Punch presses Japan AIDA800T(80-120SPM) 150MM GB/JIS1 level 10
Punch presses SHANGHAI110T(60-90SPM) 180MM GB/JIS1 level 5
Laser cutting maching Germany TruLaser1030 X-3000MM Y-1500MM Z-75MM 0.005 1
Bending maching JapanRG1003(100T) 3000/500MM   1
Injection Machine TOYO 100vcs 100T   6
Injection Machine TOYO 130vcs 130T   15
Injection Machine Yizumi un100sm 100T   5
Injection Machine Yizumi un120sm 120T   10
Injection Machine Yizumi un160sm 160T   12
Injection Machine Yizumi un260sm 260T   1
Injection Machine Yizumi un400sm 400T   1
BI injection Machine BORCHE BM 150T-022ML 150T   1
Screen Printer/Pad Printer  /  /    8
Dispensing Machine  /  /   2
SMT JAPANYSM10+YSM10 SMT 01005 or larger .BGA 0.35mm pitch.pop(package on package). WLCSP 0.35mm pitch. Hard metric connectors Cabie & wire   line1
SMT JAPANYSM20R+YSM10(Line2) line2
Reflow Oven USA BTU10     1