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Nuoue is your one-stop shop for CNC turning services. Our capabilities allow us to deliver high-quality metal or plastic turned parts with rapid CNC prototypi.

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Our CNC turning service capabilities

From prototyping to full production runs. Our wide range of CNC lathes and turning centers will allow you to produce highly accurate, high quality parts to meet even your most stringent requirements.

Can’t decide which machining process is best for you? Upload your CAD file for a free quote and manufacturability review that will identify any difficult-to-turn features.

CNC lathe

CNC turning machines are able to provide low cost parts for simple cylindrical geometries. Live tooling is available for more complex geometries and is assessed on a case by case basis.

CNC lathe

Maximum capabilities for CNC turning

Part size limitations Metric units Imperial units
Maximum part diameter 431 mm 17 in
Maximum part length 990 mm 39 in
Maximum swing over the carriage 350 mm 13.7 in
Maximum spindle through-hole 40 mm 1.5 in

Maximum speed: 1700RPM
Motor power: 640W

Available Equipment List

Equipment Name Model Clamping Force Precision Quantity
CNC TaiwanRES-SEIKLR600(15000RPM) 600*400*400 0.002 20
CNC TaiwanRES-SEIKLR4530(15000RPM) 400*300*300 0.002 10
CNC lathes CK60 Xaxis(250mm) Zaxis(600/850/1350) 0.002 18
Turning and milling composite 3axis w-280(4000RPM) 350/600/700mm 0.002 6

Available materials for CNC machining

Here is a list of our standard CNC machining materials available through our online platform.

Plastics Aluminum Stainless steel Other steels Other metal
ABS 6061-T6 303 Mild steel 1018 Brass C360
Nylon 6 6082 304 Mild steel 1045 Copper C101
POM (Delrin) 7075 316 Mild steel A36 Copper C110
Polycarbonate 5083 2205 Duplex Alloy steel 4140 Titanium Grade 2
PVC   17-4 Alloy steel 4340  
HDPE   420 Tool steel O1  
PTFE (Teflon)     Tool Steel A2  
PEEK     Tool Steel D2  
G-10     Tool Steel S7  
Nylon 30%GF        

More materials and heat treatments are available upon request

Available surface finishes for CNC machining

Surface finishes are applied after machining and can change the appearance, surface roughness, hardness and chemical resistance of the produced parts.

Name Description
CNC machining surface finishes As Machined standard As Machined (standard) ~125 RA µin (3.2 RA µm). Minor tool marks will be visible on the part.
CNC machining surface finishes Smoothed Smoothed Parts are machined at a lower feed rate in order to achieve a surface roughness of ~62.5 RA µin (1.6 RA µm). Surface roughness can be decreased up to ~32 RA µin (0.8RAµm) upon request.
CNC machining surface finishes Bead Blasted Bead Blasted Bead blasting adds a uniform matte or satin surface finish on a machined part, removing all tool marks. Mainly used for aesthetic purposes.
CNC machining surface finishes Anodized Clear or Color type 2 Anodized Clear or Color (type II) Anodizing adds a thin, hard, non-conductive ceramic coating on the surface of aluminum parts, increasing their corrosion and wear resistance. Available in a variety of colors.
CNC machining surface finishes Anodized Hardcoat type 3 Anodized Hardcoat (type III) Hardcoat anodizing produces a thicker ceramic coating providing excellent corrosion and wear resistance. for functional applications.
CNC machining surface finishes Powder Coated Powder Coated Powder coating adds a thin layer of strong, wear and corrosion resistant protective polymer paint on the surface of a part. Available in a large range of colors.
CNC machining surface finishes Electropolished Electropolished Electropolishing is an electrochemical process used to polish, passivate and deburr metal parts. It is useful to reduce surface surface roughness.
CNC machining surface finishes Black oxide Black oxide Black oxide is a conversion coating used to improve corrosion resistance and minimize light reflection.
CNC machining surface finishes Brushing Brushing Brushing is produced by polishing the metal with grit resulting in a unidirectional satin finish.

Other surface finishes are also available. Learn more about our metal and plastic surface finishing capabilities here.


The table below summarizes the standard tolerances of the parts produced by certified Nuoue Manufacturing Partners. Tolerances up to .0008” (0.020mm) are available upon request.

Part size / Dimension Tolerance Angularity
< 12’’ (300 mm) ± .005’’ (0.125 mm) ± 0.5°
< 24’’ (600 mm) ± .010’’ (0.250 mm) ± 1.0°
< 36’’ (900 mm) ± 1/64’’ (0.400 mm) ± 1.0°

Tightest tolerance: ±.0008’’ (0.020 mm) Tighter tolerances are examined on a case by case basis with your technical drawings.

CNC turning design guidelines

The table below summarizes the recommended and technically feasible values for the most common features encountered in CNC machined parts.

Learn more in our Engineering Guide to CNC machining.

Feature Recommended size Feasible size
Min. feature size Ø 2.5 mm Ø 0.50 mm
Internal edges R 8 mm R 0.25 mm
Minimum wall thickness 0.8 mm (for metals)
1.5 mm (for plastics)
0.5 mm (for metals)
1.0 mm (for plastics)
Holes Diameter:standard drill bit sizes
Depth: 4 x diameter
Diameter: Ø 0.5 Depth:
10 x diameter
Threads Size: M6 or larger
Length: 3 x diameter
Size: M2

Quality assurance

  • ISO9001 certified Manufacturing Partners on request
  • Inspection report included in every order. Full dimensional inspection reports on request
  • Material certifications and test reports available on request
  • Batch inspection in concurrence with ISO2859
  • Strict NDA agreements with all Manufacturing Partners
  • Manufacturing Partner performance tracking on lead time and quality
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