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Instant quoting & quick feedback

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Readily available capacity


Readily available capacity

These high precision equipments will be meeting your production requirement. It contains the high precision cnc-milling and edm-cuting,ect. Please find our detail  our machining equipment list.

Quality and reliability

Quality & reliability

Dedicated Nuoue team to ensure your parts consistently meet your quality expectations. We also offer phone, email and chat support for any concerns or questions you may have.

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Precision metal stamping

As a precision metal stamping manufacturer we offer custom metal stampings, rapid prototyping, progressive tooling design and engineering for automotive & medical industries. Our equipment list features more than 42 Bruderer presses covering ranges from 15 ton to 100 ton presses. This diversity of metal stamping equipment ensures we will always have the perfect press for your particular global application.

Capacity or equipment list

Equipment Name Model Clamping Force Precision Quantity
Punch presses Japan AIDA60T(80-120SPM) 150MM GB/JIS1 level 16
Punch presses Japan AIDA800T(80-120SPM) 150MM GB/JIS1 level 10
Punch presses SHANGHAI110T(60-90SPM) 180MM GB/JIS1 level 5
Laser cutting maching Germany TruLaser1030 X-3000MM Y-1500MM Z-75MM 0.005 1
Bending maching JapanRG1003(100T) 3000/500MM   1


Autosplice precision metal stamping manufacturing services play a key role within our vertical services and core standard products.

The capabilities and variety of our stamping presses, our expertise in tooling design and engineering, coupled with continuous improvements in manufacturing driven through our ISO/TS 16949 quality standards, ensure competitive pricing and shorter lead times within our global manufacturing footprint.

Metal Stamping Autosplice

Metal Stamping Bruderer
Metal Stamping Quality Control

Quality Control

Our high quality global standards along with tool protection systems, seamlessly integrate preventative maintenance optimization with the most advanced sensor technology available tooling safeguards. Deployed Enterprise Resource Planning systems includes Real-Time Machine Monitoring from IQMS, enables remote work order tracking ensuring your program stays on time.

When production issues occur, our integrated ERP system pinpoints the source of the issue, minimizing down time. All required die maintenance is provided by Autosplice throughout the life of your product at no charge. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is continually reviewed and upgrades with improvements are implemented as rapidly as possible.