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Nuoue is your one-stop shop for custom sheet metal fabrication. Our sheet metal fabrication service uses a range of processes including sheet metal punch for

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Why engineers use nuoue for sheet metal fabrication

Instant quoting and DfM feedback

Instant quoting & DfM feedback

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Readily available capacity

Our factory has comprehensive equipment capabilities to support immediate production.

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Quality & reliability

Dedicated Nuoue team to ensure your parts consistently meet your quality expectations. We also offer phone, email and chat support for any concerns or questions you may have.

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What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing method that involves cutting and bending sheets of metal to form different shapes.

Sheet metal fabrication is more cost-effective than CNC machining when it comes to metal components with uniform wall thickness.

What is sheet metal fabrication

Capacity or equipment list

Equipment Name Model Clamping Force Precision Quantity
Punch presses Japan AIDA60T(80-120SPM) 150MM GB/JIS1 level 16
Punch presses Japan AIDA80T(80-120SPM) 150MM GB/JIS1 level 10
Punch presses SHANGHAI110T(60-90SPM) 180MM GB/JIS1 level 5
Laser cutting maching Germany TruLaser1030 X-3000MM Y-1500MM Z-75MM 0.005 1
Bending maching JapanRG1003(100T) 3000/500MM   3

Available materials for sheet metal

Below is a list of our standard available metals for sheet metal fabrication. If you require a custom material please contact

Name Description Allowable sheet thickness
Laser cutting This manufacturing process uses a high-power laser beam to cut a material sheet. 0.5 - 10 mm
Bending This manufacturing process uses dies to produce a U-shape, V- shape or channel shape along a straight axis in ductile materials. 0.5 - 6 mm

Tolerances for sheet metal fabrication

The table below summarizes the standard tolerances of the parts produced by certified Nuoue Manufacturing Partners.

Feature Tolerance
Cutting feature ± .00787’’ (0.2 mm)
Bend angle ± 1.0°
Bend to edge +/- 0.010” (0.254mm)

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