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Learn how to prepare, get a quote & source custom CNC machined parts in 3 simple steps.

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CNC Machining Guide

Start CNC machining

With your parts designed and optimized for CNC machining, it is time to start thinking about manufacturing. In this section, we walk you through the 3 simple steps needed to manufacture custom parts with CNC machining.

Start CNC machining

Step 1: Export your design to a CNC-compatible CAD file format

Compatible CAD file formats with CNC

The file formats predominantly used in CNC machining are STEP and IGES. These formats are open-source, standardized and can be used across platforms.

For best results:

Export your designs directly from your native CAD software into the STEP file format.

On NUOUE, you can also email files and get an instant quote for file formats used in your the native CAD software, including SLDPRT, 3DM, IPT, SAT and X_T.

Step 2: Prepare a technical drawing

Step 2: Create a technical drawing

A technical drawing is not always required for machining parts with CNC. Yet it is recommended to include one in your order as it has information that is not presented in a STEP file.

A technical drawing is required in the following situations:

  • When your design contain threads
  • When any tolerances are specified
  • When certain surfaces need a different finishing

Step 3: Get an instant quote & start manufacturing

Step 3: Get a quote

With Nuoue, outsourcing parts for CNC machining is easy, fast and highly price-competitive.

By combining a network of manufacturing services with our smart sourcing engine, you can instantly access readily available production capacity for the best possible quotes and lead times.

When you upload your parts to Nuoue, our automated Design for Machinability analysis will detect any potential design issues before production begins and will give you an instant quote, based on our machine learning algorithm.

This way you can be sure that you always receive the best price in the market at the fastest turnaround times for your CNC machining parts!