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Having trouble understanding the characteristic of the product(s), unstable quality during batch production and processing, product appearance or performance do not comply with your requirement or delayed delivery?

Choosing NuoRen you will have these problems resolved.

  1. Highly efficient and professional team to support and fulfill your requirements.
  2. High-precision CNC processing equipment, injection molding machine equipment, high-speed electronic mounting equipment.
  3. Generate strict DFM reports before any project cooperation.
  4. Implement an integrated product development strategy, integrate all links from ID and MD design to functional performance, and provide one-stop production services with on-time delivery rate of 99.98%

Our philosophy is based on common development and progress with clients. We support any small to larger companies and strive to create mutual success with all established partnerships.

  1. Free plan evaluation
  2. Price estimates when pictures can be provided
  3. Quotation when drawings can be provided
  4. Quotation on products with performance, features or functional requirements information available
  5. Small batch or model can be customized

First of all, we will maintain close communication with our customers before the design to ensure we have obtained all necessary and detailed technical information required. Customers will be provided with the DFM report during the design process to verify the design or adjustment if needed. All DFM and design drawings needs to be approved by the customer before starting the internal PFMEA review and production. Second, quality control will be done through every process.

  1. NPI new product introduction meeting
  2. Lean improvement of IQC IPQC OQA and other parts of the supply chain
  3. Excellent high-precision testing equipment: CMM ZEISS; CMM FUNCTLON1086; AOI